Noodle-flavoured chicken

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September 21, 2012 by ilharessdellloun


I do promise that I’m not just sitting about, drinking tea and reading. I have been writing, it’s just been an awfully slow process of late what with that block of writers following me around. But the Shadow Wraith are coming! As a show of good faith, I’m putting up the Link and blurb as soon as I’m done with this post.

So, noodle-flavoured chicken, you ask. Yes, I reply. On the list of things to do when you’ve been staring at a blank page for an hour is making yourself some food. I had some leftover chicken and I had noodles. so I put them together. But everything was so bland, and then I looked down and saw that the noodles came with a little sachet of flavouring. It’s meant to taste like chicken so I thought, why not? Double the chicken, double the fun.

Except that it wasn’t double the chicken. Instead of my noodles tasting like chicken, my chicken just ended up tasting like noodles. This has been a public service announcement. In a battle of flavours, noodles win out every time.

From Knowledge comes Balance,



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