Zhaunil: An Explanation

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The Zhaunil is a conceptual universe in which the bonds which hold everything together are the forces of Knowledge and Balance. Knowledge is a passive force which encompasses all that was, all that is and all that will be. Balance is an active force, working to maintain a sort of harmonious continuum in the Zhaunil. The Zhaunil is expansive, with many races on many worlds in an infinite number of galaxies.

This blog is a sort of online chronicle of my exploration of this concept. It will feature tales about the various goings-on of this universe, such as the Velkyn Istra Saga, which is my first foray into long-story writing. Eventually my vision for the Zhaunil is to have it be an expansive and popular staple of the fantasy community, encompassing novels, short stories, comics and games. I hope to turn this space into something exciting and through it, to explore the ideas of balance and harmony, amongst other things.

I welcome you to embark on this wonderful journey with me, to watch the Zhaunil expand into something both epic and meaningful. Peruse through the links provided under the site’s banner to delve into an awesome universe filled with all the things which make fantasy great!

From Knowledge comes Balance,

Ilharess del Lloun


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