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Hello there!

I’m Ilharess del Lloun (pen-name, of course. But wouldn’t it be cool if my actual name were also Drow?) I love to create: dances, songs, stories… I just love it. I’ve been writing and singing and dancing since I was about six.

When I was probably far too young, I read my first Mario Puzo book, The Family, and was mesmerized by the sweeping landscape. the intricate plot and the delicately and convincingly constructed characters. The world he created was so authentic it felt even more real than the ground beneath my feet. So began my passion for fiction writing. I began to to consume fiction novels by Puzo, Paulo Coelho and Robert Ludlum as though I required them to live. Then in my mid-teens I was exposed to my first fantasy novel: The Hobbit. As introductions to genres go, I don’t think this one can really be bested. It sucked me into a world of magic and adventure; a place that dared to be more than. I would say I was hooked from that very instant, but really that didn’t happen till I watched the LotR trilogy.

Not terribly long ago I was sucked into the ever-amazing, sometimes socially-awkward and always-interesting world of gaming: online, on consoles, table-top. It felt like coming home and that’s when I realised that I’ve always belonged in this world where you can be more than human, your story can be sweeping and epic and your actions can shape entire realities, or create new ones. I started considering the work of designing a DnD campaign (3.5 edition, of course) and then it hit me… I realised that I’ve been moving towards creating something awesome all my life, and my vision for the Zhaunil began to take on a definite shape and purpose.

So here I am, many incarnations and ideas later, on this blog. This is the first step in making my vision of an expansive and brilliant universe come to life. Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoy the ride!



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