Velkyn Istra Saga

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On the world E’oren it is the year 2781 IG. The Crown Prince of Noruz, Kolen, is promised to Arre, the first daughter of Ista’s Grand Cleric on the Island Temple. This union is meant to solidify the royal family’s hold over an increasingly fragile alliance between Noruz, Lethalis, Lastri and Fassith. The religious zealotry which runs rampant in Lastri threatens to spark civil war and an old enemy, the Dahr, is an ever-present danger.

Though both aware of the importance of their marriage, Kolen and Arre both hold secrets and doubts which threaten to dissolve the union. Further, all is not as it seems with the Grand Cleric, whose special relationship with the Beautiful Divine, Ista, is under threat from a younger cleric. One who claims to hear the voice of the Divine, himself.

And what of this deity whose beauty informs his doctrine? Old enemies rise in a distant, hidden galaxy to destroy this god. In the conflict which ensues allegiances will be challenged, truths told and destinies forged.

The Velkyn Istra Saga will unfold in weekly posts. Join me in this epic adventure into the Zhaunil Universe!

From Knowledge comes Balance,

Ilheress del Lloun.


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